For culinary industry starters and aspiring chefs looking to grow.


Unlock your full culinary potential and turn your passion into a successful career. Get ready for a journey filled with step-by-step guidance!


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Are you an aspiring chef struggling to find your footing in the culinary world?


Feeling overwhelmed and unsure in the kitchen? Our Online Culinary Academy understands the challenges you face:

  • Growing Confidence: Entering the kitchen might be intimidating for a novice cook. With her logical instruction, Chef Rudakova gives you the self-assurance you need to take on new recipes and methods straight away.
  • Time Management: Balancing culinary aspirations with a busy schedule is tough. Our flexible online cooking lessons are designed to fit seamlessly into your routine, allowing you to pursue your passion at your own pace, whenever and wherever you can.
  • Minimizing Ingredient Waste: Ever bought ingredients for a recipe only to watch them go to waste? Our lessons emphasize efficient meal planning and smart ingredient utilization, ensuring you make the most of every item in your kitchen.
  • Sauce Mastery: Elevate your culinary skills with our comprehensive guide to mastering sauces. From classic French sauces to innovative creations, our courses empower you to add depth and flavor to your dishes, impressing both yourself and others.
  • Unlock Your Creativity: Struggling to find your culinary voice? Our courses provide the tools and techniques to unleash your creativity in the kitchen. From recipe development to presentation, we'll help you turn your passion for cooking into a successful career.

  Meet your Instructor



I'm Natalia, also known as Chef Rudakova. Although, my original career choice was in business & accounting. My heart and soul had always laid in cooking and hospitality. So I’ve taken a leap of faith and in 2018 finished my Chef’s culinary training & diploma at George Brown College, Canada with distinction.

Since then I’ve successfully practiced in various culinary institutions, including food research labs, small fine-dining restaurants, large nation-wide chains, private clubs, event catering organizations, vegan, sustainably-focused places and steak-houses. And even ran one of the best vegetable-focused, farm-to-table restaurants in Canada, Fire & Flora, as a Head Chef in 2022. Check out my YouTube Channel with 80k+ Subscriber.

Most of all though, I’m excited about spreading the joy of good food and teaching other people the super power of cooking!


What's inside:


The Online Culinary Academy offers a comprehensive collection of over 130 HD videos, totalling more than 5 hours of engaging content. Our commitment to continuous improvement means we regularly update our library with additional content at no extra cost for active members.

We believe that culinary education should be accessible to everyone who has a passion for cooking


Melinda A.

“This was a fantastic class for a beginner like me who is a home cook who loves to cook for friends. I loved the lesson on mise en place as I do struggle with what i can cook ahead of time to what degree and this lesson helped there. Would love to see more on this topic. Can’t wait for the next course.”

Jennifer L.

“Enrolling in Chef Rudakova’s Culinary Academy was the best decision I made for enhancing my cooking skills. The online courses allowed me to learn at my own pace and provided me with the foundation to pursue my dream of becoming a professional chef.”

Jeson F.

“As a home cook with a passion for culinary arts, I wanted to take my skills to the next level. Chef Rudakova’s online culinary school provided me with the knowledge and techniques I needed to elevate my cooking to a professional level.”

Jacob S.

“Culinary Crash Course was a great course, and i would recommend it to anyone who wishes to improve their fundamental (but very important) cooking skills and/or knowledge. I learned things today, i never knew I needed. Great course. Thank you so much Chef Rudakova!”

Peter P.

“A well-structured course with great audio and video production. Easy to follow along and the resource book offers superb summaries and further information. Great class overall!”

Bikram L.

“French sauces course is a master class in Sauce making. It provides In-depth information on making 5 mother sauces. Thank you, chef And, I am looking forward to some advanced courses in culinary in the future.”

David K.

“I’ve got to spill the beans about Chef Rudakova’s online culinary courses because they are absolutely brilliant! Seriously, they exceeded all my expectations. The curriculum is like a gastronomic journey, covering everything from food safety essentials to advanced cooking techniques. It’s like having a culinary wizard by your side, guiding you while you cook”

Raj S.

“Chef Rudakova’s online culinary education has opened doors for me in the food industry. The theory and practical skills I acquired through the courses have given me the confidence to pursue my culinary career goals. I’ve managed to land a job at one of my favorite local farm-to-table restaurants, and I love it! This online academy is the next best alternative to the traditional culinary school.”


“Having a full-time job, I needed the flexibility to learn cooking skills at my own pace. Her online culinary school provided just that, allowing me to balance my sales career while also having fun pursuing my culinary "growing" skills.”

Irina A.

“I have recently started my food blog, and it used to take me so long to test out new recipes. Thankfully, my friend recommended Chef Rudakova Culinary Academy for me and it just changed everything. She is so good at explaining culinary techniques and the thinking process behind them. Now cooking makes so much more sense to me. Now I know if a recipe is going to work or not before testing it and saved me so much time! It is a great investment into my food blogging career.”

Cilia A.

“One of the best things about this online culinary school is that it offers unlimited access to a full program of courses, that are constantly growing. When I enrolled there was just 1 course (the crash course), which was already totally worth the price. But now I have access to so much more. I also can’t not mention how valuable is chef’s feedback on my assignments. Although the courses are online, most of them are really hands on and I really learned a lot from them. Can’t wait for more courses!”

Kara B.

“The online culinary courses  are perfect for home cooks like me who want to sharpen their skills. The hands-on experience and expert guidance have taken my cooking to new heights. At least that’s what my family says :)”

Shawn K.

“Hands down, a great presentation. It is giving me confidence as I am an untrained Head Chef who is trying to get out of his comfort zone and progress in my career.”

Dale D.

“This course is as delightful as Chef Rudakov who presents it. It's a wonderfully concise overview of some important food preparation fundamentals ... rather than an oversimplified collection of recipes. Gotta go, now, and see what other courses the Chef has prepared for us!”

Jairo C.

“Really great course overall that covers some wonderful basics of the culinary world. I appreciated the friendliness of the instructor and her obvious knowledge of the content she taught. Very engaging and clear as well.”